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The HTML based documentation, included in the package, addresses the following topics:

For more information, please refer to the online documentation.

Example Grammars

The below listed example grammars should give you an impression of the Styx modelling technique.

Language Styx Grammar Styx Version Notes
according version 1.0 of the W3C specification
( view )
>= 1.6 separated DTD grammar,
embedded in the main XML grammar
Express, ISO 10303 Part 11
STEP exchange format, ISO 10303 Part 21
( view )
>= 1.6 nested comments
Smalltalk 80
(not compatible with GNU smalltalk)
( view )
>= 1.7 The scanner must have enabled n character lookahead.
PHP 5.2 php52.tar.gz
( view )
>= 1.7 pattern token evaluation
dynamic scan group switching
4 shift/reduce conflicts regarding the elseif/else constructs,
solved by the default shift action
JSON json.tar.gz
( view )
>= 1.8 EBNF-like grammar notation
Lua 5.2 lua.tar.gz
( view )
>= 2.0 The scanner must have enabled n character lookahead.
3 reduce/reduce conflicts, solved by explicit reduction rules

Example Projects

The below listed projects uses Styx as compiler frontend.

If you would like to get your Styx grammar or project listet here, please send us a mail.