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9. Odds'n'Ends

This section contains an eclectic collection of topics. As a compromise between our intention to release Styx quickly but to provide you with a more or less complete documentation, much had to be left out and others could only be touched shortly. Some of the topics might evolve into a complete chapter in later versions of this document.

9.1 Disadvantages with regard to lex/yacc

9.2 Intensive grammar abstractions

A typical example of the problem occurs already when parsing expressions. As a result we want to get something like 'expr ::= varid | lit | funid(expr,...)', but we have prefix, infix, postfix, distfix order and whatever syntactical sugar in the surface grammar. Further, the 'funid' tokens come in as keywords and not as regular names.

A Method to solve the problem would be to have some 'interface time' reduction rules. The impact of such rules with regard to the abstraction congruence and to unparsing remains to be investigated.

9.3 Pretty printing

9.4 '.ant' vs. '.int' C-Interface

9.5 Reentrancy and thread-safeness

9.6 Meaning of the name "Styx"

The word "Styx", which is the name of the here-described software has two interpretations intended by us. The first, plain and simple is an abbreviation or more precise a ENGLISH("Verballhornung") of the word "syntax" which is obviously closely related to what Styx is for. The second, more opaque and perhaps scaring interpretation originates from the coincidence with the name of a place in Greek mythology. It is the name of a very poisonous river that separates the mythological underworld, the hades, from the world on the surface of earth. Well knowing that analogies painfully stress the imagination, we do not go further into it, but leave it to the meditation of the ENGLISH("geneigtem") reader.

9.7 Installation, Availability and License

9.8 Authors and Credits

9.9 Copyright and Trademarks

Styx is copyright (c) 19xx-2002,2003 by Lars Doelle and Heike Manns. Dos and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft. Unix is a trademark of the Santa Cruise Corporation. All other mentioned trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.

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